Who We Are

We aim to provide sustainable solutions that ensure all students form the slum have access to quality education.
Badili Zone Organization aims to ensure that all students from the slums have access to quality education and opportunities. Mukuru Kwa Reuben community has more than 18 schools but only two of them have almost adequately equipped libraries which the rest of the schools do not have access to. This, among other factors, is the bitter reality of the experience of the students who live in vulnerable places such as the slums. Badili Zone aims to change this narrative.

Our Vision

A community that upholds education empowers and mentors every student in their academic journey to nurture a generation of leaders who are a goal driven young individuals.

Our Mission

To provide sustainable solutions that will improve education standards in the slums by providing adequate learning materials, guidance and mentorship to students while working collaboratively with partners.

Goals & Objectives

Our goal is to Build learning centres in the slums. Mentor and nurture the next generation through coaching into well-equipped young leaders.

Five major pillars

Have reading spots in form of libraries for a safe, peaceful, and comfortable learning environment.

We are intermediary between needy but bright students and the potential sponsors for student scholarships.

Work closely with volunteers from various Universities who volunteer during mentorship sessions.

Ensure mental health and peace of mind for efficiency in students’ general productivity in collaboration with professional counsellors.

Our Reading spots are distribution spots for the sanitary towels so that girls can always attend school.


Become A Volunteer

We envision a world in which students from the slums will have access to adequate learning materials, guidance, and mentorship to develop into a well-equipped goal driven young leader.